• Because we can help you repay your home loan and clear your mortgage quickly
  • Because we have the knowledge and the confidence in ourselves, to give you the right advice
  • Because you get independent advice best suited to your personal needs and circumstances
  • Because our advisors are not pressurised to achieve sales targets, so work exclusively for you, keeping YOUR and only YOUR INTEREST in mind
  • Because our advisors have over 10 years experience in the banking industry
  • Because we believe in building long lasting relationships and will always be there for you now and in the future


Step 1

Contact us to book a time.  

Step 2

To make this easier and quicker, please bring the following documents with you to the appointment.

  1. Proof of deposit - eg: 3 months bank statements if saved in an account. If withdrawing from Kiwisaver, then letter confirming amount available for first home purchase.
  2. Three recent payslips for all employed applicants.  If self-employed, then last two years financials.
  3. Three months bank statements for all accounts – transaction, savings.
  4. 3 months credit card statement.  This includes Q card, Warehouse card/any other store card.
  5. 3 months statements for any debt – eg car loan, personal loan or any other loan.
  6. Identification – passport copy or Drivers licence copy.
Step 3

We will discuss your application with you and understand your needs.  Based on our conversation, we will submit the application on your behalf to the financial institutions.

Step 4

We will communicate the financial institutions’ outcome on your application to you.  Based on the outcome, we will discuss details such as interest rates, what term to choose, whether to fix or float, what your repayments will be, how you can pay off your loan quicker, early payment costs, how does a drawdown take place.

Step 5 

Once a decision regarding Step 4 is taken, we will communicate the details to the bank.  The bank will then prepare documents and send them to your solicitor for signature and return.  Once signed documents are received by the bank, the bank will then proceed to drawdown the loan on settlement date.  Once the loan is drawn down, you can take possession of your new home.